1607 Launched

On 11th August the barge “GPS 1607”, the third in the series of new drywell hopper barges being built for GPS Marine by CMS Werf, was launched at Leeuwarden in Friesland. The barge is pictured having her deck equipment being loaded aboard prior to being officially measured on the 14th August. She is expected to [...]

Damen Stan Pontoon “GPS 3011”

GPS Marine is pleased to announce the addition of the 2017 built Damen Stan Pontoon “GPS 3011” to its fleet. The barge arrived in the Thames on 14th August together with the jack up barge “TTT C718” in tow of the Damen SB 2709 “GPS Avenger” and was delivered into charter the next day to [...]

GPS Marine has concluded a joint venture agreement with EAPL (European Active Projects Ltd), for the joint operation of the slipway facility at Ramsgate in Kent. Given the shortage of slipway facilities in the Thames and Medway, the slipway at Ramsgate is the closest facility to the Thames which suitable for docking GPS Marine’s vessels [...]

GPS Avenger Sea Trials

Images from GPS Avenger Sea trials on the 24th July 2017

GPS Avenger is being reactivated

The 2013 built Shoalbuster 2709 GPS Avenger is being reactivated following a 21 month layup at Upnor. During July the vessel was towed to Rotterdam to be drydocked and bring all outstanding surveys up to date at the shipyard of Scheepswerf Grevenstein bv and at Dockside Ship Facilities BV. In effect this has amounted to [...]

Full voluntary ISM compliance

GPS Marine Contractors Ltd took a major step towards full voluntary ISM compliance when on 27th June 2017 the Company passed its full term ISM office audit. The audit, carried out by two MCA surveyors identified only 3 NCN’s and made 2 observations, an outcome which was considered to be most satisfactory by the operations team at [...]

GPS 1603 lying at Bolnes

GPS 1603 lying at Bolnes, ready to return to the Thames after reclassification and conversion into a drywell hopper

GPS 1605 arrived

GPS 1605 arrived from her builders CMS Werf of Leeuwarden in Friesland on Tuesday 6th June at 03:40 and started to load her first cargo from the Northern Line Extension site the next morning, 7th June, at 08:00. The picture shows the barge fully laden with her first cargo of 1760 tons of spoil for [...]

8 new drywell hoppers

In order to compliment the fleet of 8 new drywell hoppers 4 conversions of existing barges in the fleet are also underway. The standard Eurobarge 2801 has already been shortened to 56 metres and has been converted to become a 1000 cubic metre capacity drywell hopper; as has the exisisting 56m 1900 series barge 1903. [...]

New GPS barges on Thames

The first of the fleet of 8 new barges arrived in the Thames on 15th May and loaded her first cargo from the Northern Line Extension Project’s Battersea loading facility the following day. The first barge in the series the GPS 1605 is due to be delivered on 29th May and will also enter service [...]

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